The consortium has two research teams, representing Practical Philosophy (Aalto University) and Futures Studies (University of Turku).

Department of Management Studies, Aalto University

Professor Matti Häyry

Principal Investigator
Ph.D. Social Sciences, Professor


Professor Matti Häyry has studied questions of responsibility and justice, especially in the context of emerging biotechnologies, throughout his career. In Liberal Utilitarianism and Applied Ethics (Routledge 1994, 2002, 2014) he created an autonomy-respecting need-based theory of responsibility and fairness, which was founded on his extensive studies on healthcare policies and the proper allocation of scarce medical resources. In Rationality and the Genetic Challenge (Cambridge University Press 2010) he explicated and defended, in the context of human biotechnological enhancements, a multi-positional view, within which questions of morality and justice can be reasonably discussed over ideological boundaries.

Research Manager Tuija-Maija Takala

Ph.D. Philosophy

Docent Tuija Takala has studied the questions of responsibility, justice, and emerging technologies since the completion of her PhD in 2000. She was Research Director of the Academy of Finland funded projects Genes, Information and Business (2000–2003) and Ethical and Social Aspects of Bioinformatics (2004–2007), and then Principal Investigator (PI) of the Academy’s NeuroScan: Ethical Concepts and Norms (2008–2011) and Methods in Philosophical Bioethics (2009–2014). During 2014–2016, Takala has worked at Aalto University as the Research Director of Synthetic Biology and Ethics, an Academy of Finland funded project, and she is also the Deputy Director of Justice and Its Alternatives in a Globalising World, a Finnish Cultural Foundation public engagement project. She has supervised six doctoral theses to completion. Takala has published 31 international peer-reviewed journal articles, 17 international peer-reviewed book chapters, and 30 other articles and reviews. She is the editor of 15 international books and special journal issues on moral and political philosophy, emerging technology, and bioethics. During 2005–2010 she was a board member and 2011–2013 the President of the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare.

Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku

Professor Markku Wilenius

Ph.D., Adjunct Professor



Markku  Wilenius is professor of Futures Studies at the University of Turku. He also holds the UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education.

He is the president of two foundations. He has also worked with Allianz, world largest private insurer, leading their strategic research and development. He is a member of Club of Rome and has led Finnish delegation in Johannesburg Sustainable Development Summit. He has published books and articles widely.

Project Manager Sofi Kurki

Project manager
Doctoral student

Sofi Kurki has extensive experience as a researcher at Finland Futures Research Centre on societal change and the future of forestry, and on systemic collaborations between different sectors in the Finnish economy. Kurki has expertise in applying central futures research methods including the Delphi method and futures workshops, and is in charge of a practice course on futures research methods at the University of Turku for the international master’s degree programme in futures studies.

In BioEcoJust, Kurki will be conducting thematic interviews, planning and conducting the Delphi research in collaboration with Prof. Wilenius, and arranging the futures workshops, assisted by other team members.

Project Researcher Amos Taylor

M.A. in Futures Studies (coming soon)
M.A. Audio Visual Media Culture / Digital Media, Media Studies, Media Culture
Project Researcher



Project Researcher Nicolas (Nick) Balcom Raleigh

M.A. in Futures Studies
Project Researcher
+358 29 450 4087




Nick is a project researcher at FFRC. He started at FFRC as a Millennium Project Intern in 2015 and has worked on a variety of projects investigating how new technologies could change how people work, live, and move in the year 2050.

For BioEcoJust his focus is on generating insights regarding ethical questions of the bioeconomy in the year 2125 and preparing and executing the Delphi study.

Project Researcher Marianna Birmoser Ferreira-Aulu

M.A. in Futures Studies
B.Soc.Sc. Social Policy
Project Researcher
+358 50 4479871


Marianna Birmoser Ferreira-Aulu obtained her Master’s Degree in Futures Studies in 2017. Since then, has been working as a project researcher for FFRC. Her background is in Social Sciences, Sustainable Development and Intercultural Communication Studies. She is interest in the connection between social, cultural and ecological aspects of development, and in how to move towards more just and sustainable futures.

For BioEcoJust, Marianna works on the webpage design, as a facilitator, and provides insigths on Bioeconomy issues in other regions than Finland, particularly in Brazil.